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Instant gratification! That is what most people in this world want. They want to be rich today, the CEO today, drive the expensive cars today, and so on....

In order to get anywhere, you have to work at it. 'A man's success is judged by what he brought into this world' Booker T. Washington. I love this quote. Just because you have money does not make you a success. It may give you other opportunities but success will only be judged by what you brought into the world.

I have a younger brother who for years has thought he should be the top person at any job he works at. He has had many jobs as a result of that. We have tried to tell him that if he would just focus on being the best he can be today that later he may become the top person. It is not something given to you, but something that is earned.

Today he is still trying to be that top person. He is still at the bottom. We all wonder, if he would have just worked his way up, where would he be? This has been a 10-12 year journey. He is still at the starting line. He refuses to run the race.

I am here to tell you there is no easy route. A race is a race. Some people have better skills and talents and are able to progress faster as a result. But if you work hard and put in the training you will reach the finish with a good result.

Let's put this in perspective. When you sign up for a race, or gym membership, or diet, what is your plan? Will you race the next day, expect to be fit tomorrow, or lose your planned weight? No you won't. It takes hard work, time, patience, a plan. I am training for an Ironman in June. Today I rode my bike for 3 hours. For race day it will take me 6 hours. I cannot do 6 hours today, but if I train each week and gradually work through the plan and have patience, I will.

Why are we able to put these things in action for personal gain but not for personal business success? What kind of training plan do you have for being more successful at your job? Do you wake up early to read an inspiring, positive, thought provoking book? Do you take the time to research and study what you are good at so you can become better?

Most of us would answer no to this. We would say we do not have time, my kids need me, I am too tired. If we are not willing to do this for our business life, how do we expect to become successful? We must focus on the Micro to reach the Macro. Focus on the small things today and become the best we can at them. Over time, you will be the best and it will turn into success. As you go through that journey, do not forget to develop your relationships. 'No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself or take all the credit'--Andrew Carnegie.

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