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Every New Year we all make resolutions on how we will be better. We promise to exercise more, eat healthier, go to church. After about 60 days most of us have forgotten these resolutions and moved on to the next important thing in

our life at that time without ever accomplishing the resolution.

Instead of waiting until New Years to make a resolution we should be making personal goals with intention. Making a goal with intention will keep us striving to complete it. Once it is complete we should make a new goal.

Each goal that we are setting is putting you on the path to personal growth with intention. Your goals should be things you want to become better at that will help you grow as an individual. By growing as an individual we are then becoming more capable of adding value to others around us. If we continue this process we will grow exponentially as individuals because we are surrounding ourselves with like minded people and building relationships.

Last year my goals where to Listen, Learn, and Serve. I believe I have became better at all 3 but I can still improve. I listen more with patience and an intention to understand what is being said. I learn not only by listening to podcasts and reading books but watching and listening to those who are around me. How they interact, communicate. I see what works for them and I try to be better in those areas I need to improve upon. I have served more this past year. I have volunteered at sporting events and helped co-workers. I can still do much better in this area.

This year I have revised these goals to help me focus on what I want to be better at. Instead of just serving I want to give more. I find myself reluctant to give my time and money. I know by giving more I will get more. It is hard to do because I cherish any of my personal time I have. As for money, I have increased how much I am donating to the church but will look at other charities that have meaning to me and begin to give back to them. I want to learn to give of my time and money without expecting or requiring anything in return. I want to be a river, not a reservoir.

I want to grow. I want to grow personally and professionally. I have a great job. I am currently investing in real estate and other businesses and I want to grow in those areas. Personally, I want to accomplish writing one blog a month consistently and do a Word of the Week video. Professionally at work I want to be responsible for more and contribute more to my company. I enjoy who I work for and I want to give more to them. I just have to work with them to find the right place for my efforts and knowledge. I also want to grow my investing company. I am currently working on a project that will close in 60 days. I am so excited about this new business adventure I will be taking. In addition, I want to purchase a number of real estate properties to grow my portfolio. I want to double this year what I currently own today.

This blog has been focused on me a lot but I hope you will take away how to be intentional in your path to be better. Don't just say I am going to go to the gym. Develop a plan to make it a part of your everyday life. Schedule it on your calendar, hire a coach, develop a workout routine, decide what you want to do. Don't just say I am going to eat healthier. Decide how you will eat healthier. Plan out your meals, develop your grocery list and then execute it.

Temptation will be on your shoulder daily. This is when we have to decide, do I want to be better or am I okay with being okay! Today I want to be better so tomorrow's start is today's best.

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2 comentarios

Jack and Alison Ricau
08 feb 2020

Great insight Jason. You’re definitely moving in a great positive direction. Alison

Me gusta

Shawn Parker
07 feb 2020

Awesome post as always. I love the insights about giving instead of just serving and being a river instead of a reservoir. That applies to so much in life. Thank you for sharing!

Me gusta
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