• Jason Bankston

Leap of Faith

It has been about 2 months since my last post. A lot has happened in our lives and the world in that time. I believe we can all trust that we never know what tomorrow holds. We always live in today and hope for a better tomorrow. What we do not realize is that what we do today is creating our tomorrows for better or worse. The better or worse part is up to us.

This is about my Leap of Faith and I hope to inspire a leap of faith in you. Two months ago I left my job. It was a great job. I was surrounded with great people and it was well paying. What it did not provide for me was a purpose, a reason to show up each day. I had done what I was hired to do there. My job was complete. Sure I searched for other things I could do. I asked everyone if they needed help. I wanted to serve them and do my part. I realized over time that I just did not belong, it was time to move on and find a new path, a new journey.

I did move on. I had plans in place though. I am an investor in real estate as well. I was in the process of buying a laundromat business and a buy/lease back Po-Boy Express business. I have 12 rental units as well that I own and manage. I figured with that coming on board and what I currently had I could live for a while and find my new journey. I wanted it to be my real estate/entrepreneurship. For the most part, everything was going great. I would wake up with a bounce in my step. My heart would sing daily because I was doing something I loved. It inspired me daily.

I have since closed on the laundromat and business is going well. No matter what is happening clothes need to washed! The Po-Express deal has been put on hold due to the current circumstances. I am confident it will happen just not when we wanted. It will happen when GOD says it is time! This left me with a decision. I felt to continue to grow in my entrepreneurship and investments, I had to find a job.

So I began looking for a new job. I searched and reached out to people I knew and nothing seemed to inspire me or they just did not have anything available. I searched deep within myself looking for the answers. Did I make a mistake? I had some sleepless nights wondering what was in store for me. My wife never lost faith though. She was sure that it would all work out. I do not usually worry much but I was becoming worried. With COVID-19 in place it was harder to get interviews and you could not just go around talking with people to search for a job.

However, in time someone did reach out to me. Actually 3 different companies offered me a position of employment within 48 hours of each other. It is funny how things work. One day you are worried and the next day you are trying to figure out which job is best. In my case, only one job was best so the decision was easy.

Starting over from a new ledge on the mountain. Taking a new path and see how far it will take me. I will do it with gratitude so that my life will be filled with joy. I might actually be the last one to reach the top but I will get there and I will have fun doing it. I will be sure to stop and enjoy the journey and share my experiences with others so that they can grow as I have. I will listen to them so that I can grow as they have.

l realized the path I chose would never lead to the top. I was stuck with only one way to go. I would have to start over and find a new path. That is my Leap of Faith. I know one thing is for sure. I will have seen many different aspects of the mountain by the time my journey is over. My journey has been going for 15 years and it has been awesome. I cannot wait to see what this next path has in store.

Take your Leap of Faith. You are meant too. Not to mention this is the Leap Year.

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