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Hungry Jack!

Are you Hungry Jack? Yes, I am talking about the pancake mix you buy from the store (sort of, you will get the reference at the end). I thought today I would talk a little about my youngest son, Cody.

Cody is a funny and friendly kid that loves football at the moment. He plays for the Team Spirit and to be with his friends.

His football team works very hard, but they do not win many games. I decided to do a little Q&A with him after his game yesterday.

Me: "Why do you play?"

Cody: "It's fun, I enjoy being with my friends!"

Me: "What is your goal for football?"

Cody: "To win one game!"

Me: "How will you help contribute?"

Cody: "I will play my best each game and work the hardest I can each play."

Me: "What if you keep losing?"

Cody: "I won't hang my head, I will just keep working harder, I will help my team to work harder, and maybe we will win. I will never give up!"

I tell you this to show he is Hungry to make a difference! Even when it does not go his way he just gets Hungrier! Not sure if that is a word but it works!

Just like in our lives we have to stay hungry. We have to continue to grow and to learn and to evolve. The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result.

If a 10 year old in 4th grade can be hungry, why is it so hard for us? What is keeping us, you, from being hungry? The things we do every day influence us and those around us.

I wrote in an earlier blog about wanting to add value to people and I hoped this would just help one person because that would mean I was adding value to someone. Well I know at least 2 people I try and add value to each day, which in turn is going to influence those around them by their own actions. The actions that are influenced by my drive to stay hungry, to grow, to learn, and to add value to others.

This is why I do this blog. I do not do this to brag on my kids, but to show you, inspire you, add value to you, to stay Hungry Jack! So go buy you some pancake mix, and stay Hungry my Friend!!

See below Cody's pictures with his box of Hungry Jack! He gets this for the best tackle or block in the game. He has won it the last 2 games and you can bet we have been eating up some pancakes. Three nights in a row to be exact!


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