• Jason Bankston

The Letter 'P'

The letter ‘P’ is the greatest letter in the alphabet. It produces the best words. The letter ‘P’ can lead you and your business to success. How you ask? Well let me tell you.

People—You need people to work with you. People deliver the goals. No one person can do anything alone.

Passion—What’s better than people? Its’ people with passion. They have drive, determination, focus, power, success, can change the world, and do the unimaginable. Do it with passion or not at all.

Produce—What do people with passion do? They produce productivity. They make ideas happen.

Profits—Well you know when you have people with passion that produce. You make profits!!!

Praise—So often this is forgotten. Saying good job, amazing, great idea, top dog, fantastic, thank-you will keep people with passion producing profits.

Perseverance—Never quitting. Never giving up. Learning from failures. Seeing obstacles as opportunities. People with passion that produce profits and receive praise will persevere. These people have the power to endure and face defeat without giving up. They feed their faith and starve their fear. These people never give in, never give up and never quit.

Purpose—My favorite! Purpose gives everything meaning. With purpose, your life has meaning, with purpose, your life is simplified, with purpose, your life has focus, with purpose, your life has motivation. Why? Purpose always produces Passion!

Stay Positive, Stay Passionate, Live with Purpose!!

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