• Jason Bankston

Expect the Best

See things as they can be, Not as they are!

What a great line, but how difficult can that be? Day after day, we continually worry and talk about the things we did wrong or what someone else is doing wrong. It is not that we should ignore those things but we should see how we can learn from them. By changing our attitude to focus on how things can be and not as we perceive or assume they are we can create a small change in our life, in other people’s lives. So instead ask, how can I or we be better? What if I did make a difference?

Future is a better version of the present

Another great line! The future is anything you want it to be. I am currently reading this book by Lewis Howes, “The School of Greatness.” He focuses on vision, your specific vision. The future is your vision. You create it. The final destination and the map to get there is yours alone. The key is knowing what it is and being intentional in your efforts to get there. Don’t let others or society tell you what your future is or should be. Decide for yourself what this is, write it down, make it visible, and then go make it happen! The future is exciting and will bring out the best in us. The future will give you passion and purpose.

Believe you can make a difference

Do you believe this for one second? That is all it takes. A belief you can make a difference. If you believe it you will realize it. Ask yourself, how can I make this happen? What difference do I want to make. I believe in you but it is up to you to believe in yourself. No person made it to the top by not believing they could do it. Every sports team, every CEO, every Ironman believes and envisions they can do it. And you know what? They do, they did!





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