• Jason Bankston


I was riding my bike, training for Ironman Chattanooga and it was hot and humid. I was drinking more water than usual. I was dependent on it to get through this day and I realized something.

Water has awesome powers. Water can be anything it needs to be. For example, put water in a cup, it becomes the cup. Put water in a sports bottle, it becomes the bottle I use to drink.

Water is persistent. Just think Grand Canyon. This beautiful landscape would not exist without the persistence of the Colorado River. Be persistent in your endeavors. It is about the journey and not the destination. Persistence will get you through the journey.

Water provides life. People, plants, and animals could not survive without water. I could not survive my training without water. Remember my first blog Never Give Up! We are able to grow plants by watering them consistently. Quit watering them and they become droopy and die.

The point here, water your people and yourself. Provide praise, knowledge, and coaching so you can continue to grow and prosper and be the cup. The cup represents your vision, the river represents your persistence to never give up no matter what obstacles you face, and the water itself is your ability to continue to learn and grow and be whatever you dream! Dream Big! BE WATER!!!

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