• Jason Bankston


"Good things come to those who wait."


Waiting can be a challenging thing for us. With the pressures of getting things done quickly and the need for instant gratification, waiting has become a prickle in our side.

We are only a few days away from Christmas. A time of giving and receiving. While waiting for the time to give and receive the gifts of Christmas we have a heart of thankfulness, an attitude of joy, and a peace in our heart that is full of love for everyone. This is what we need to bring every day to our lives and those around us.

When we give we naturally have a heart of thankfulness, an attitude of joy, peace, and love in our hearts. Giving of ourselves is our purpose. It is our WHY. This is what brings joy, peace, love, and thankfulness to us.

I do not necessarily mean giving to a homeless shelter, or gifts to those less fortunate. I mean giving of our purpose, who we are, to those that need us. Like giving lessons of hope to our children, a blog that motivates others, and lessons of growing to those who look up to us. Like our employees, co-workers, friends and family. When we give that, our hearts swell with love, peace, joy, and thankfulness.

But in our time of waiting to receive we want instantaneous fulfillment. We want the results of our children to understand, our blog to touch others, our new business ventures to happen overnight. We want the immediate results of the seeds we have sown.

It is in the waiting we sometimes show our undesirable side. This is when we must use our built up love, peace, joy, and thankfulness. When you are planting seeds, you must water and nurture them, so they will grow and prosper. Those seeds you plant are not meant for you, but for others to harvest the rewards just as we have. Your mentors, your support crew are the seeds someone else has watered and nurtured so you could receive their gift. You are also the seed that is being watered and nurtured so others can receive your gifts.

Waiting is the true gift. If you wait the same way you give with joy, love, peace, and thankfulness you will receive the great things you have watered and nurtured.

It is not "Good things come to those who wait," It is "Great things come to those who give and wait with joy, peace, love, and thankfulness!" Give who you are and receive the gifts you have created. Wait and you will see!




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