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Christmas is today and I bet when you woke up there were many gifts under the tree. They are wrapped in the nicest paper or if you are like me the Sunday comics! Do you feel sometimes you are a gift? Or do you wonder what is your gift?

What I mean, is do you feel like you are wrapped up and not able to be the person you aspire to be? You pretend to be the person that others want you to be. People and yourself are constantly guessing what is on the inside.

You know what is inside but you are fearful of what others might think. If you unwrap, will they still like you and look up to you?

As I watch our family play this game they are so excited as to what is underneath the saran wrap. The game is they roll two dice and they have to get doubles. While they are rolling the dice the person to the right is trying to remove the wrapping with cooking gloves. Periodically they receive random gifts of candy.

Unwrap yourself. People want to know the real you. As I sit here writing my niece is passing out her gift she won to others. It is Hershey kisses! You see if it stayed wrapped no one would experience the mouth watering Hershey goodness! By unwrapping the gift it was able to be shared and enjoyed with others who otherwise could never experienced what was truly there.

God only gives to us what he knows can flow through us. Unwrap yourself. Give your gift so others can enjoy. One day after all the waiting and giving you will receive your true gift. You!

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