• Jason Bankston


It is a New Year when you are reading this. HAPPY NEW YEAR! You have likely embarked on ambitious new goals to do better. You will exercise more, spend more time with your family, lose weight, develop yourself to being a better person.

These are all great goals to achieve, but will not be as easily done as promised on New Year's night. The attitude you had in making it was likely a good one while celebrating with friends and family. You were surrounded with good vibes.

I used to believe that attitude was everything. I believed it so much that I wrote it on the clipboard I carried with me everywhere. That way I was reminded attitude is everything each time I looked at it.

It is true, attitude is everything. But, it is the right attitude that will guide you to success. We all have attitude. Some of us are better at controlling it than others. The good news is attitude can be trained and harnessed to be our greatest asset rather than our greatest enemy.

So, when you set out to accomplish your goals and be a better you this year, you must approach it with the right attitude. An attitude of positivity, an attitude of I can, an attitude of I will. Do not approach it with an attitude of I do not have time, an attitude of I am tired, an attitude of I can't.

We are capable of great things if only we approach it with the right attitude.

When I set out to run an Ironman, I did not show up and say I can't do this. I showed up and told myself I can do this and I will do this. I worked too hard to not finish no matter what it would take.

The same goes for you as well. If you are putting in the time, the work, the energy to be better and accomplish your goals, then tell yourself you will do this and you can do this and you will cross that finish line.

I believe you can do it. Now you need to have the attitude of you can do it. Attitude is not everything, the Right Attitude is Everything!

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