• Jason Bankston


I have been thinking on this title and blog for a few weeks now. Does every day seem to be a struggle? Every decision, like what will I cook tonight, how will I get my work out in, how will I get my kids to practice, etc.?

We all struggle every day with making decisions. In our business life it is, do I have to let this person go, how am I going to find someone to do this job, how will we make budget, etc.?

How we deal with these struggles or decisions is all about our mindset. Everyone deals with these types of decisions every day. Some tougher than others. When faced with these struggles go into them with confidence and courage. You may not be right every time but you are moving forward. You will also learn from the mistakes you make and your next struggle will come with a better answer and increased confidence and courage.

I like to believe GOD will never put anything in front of us we cannot handle. By trusting in him, we are trusting in ourselves. Each struggle he gives us is an opportunity to grow, to learn. They are just stepping stones for what our true purpose in life is.

So do not get discouraged when something does not go your way. Maybe that is how it is supposed to be. Maybe we are supposed to learn from the outcome of struggles we face. Maybe they are supposed to humble us. Maybe they are supposed to get our ego in check. Or maybe they are supposed to give us confidence. Maybe they are building our courage. Maybe they are building our relationships with others.

I experience struggles every day. Most of them are brought on by my own doing. For example, I am training for the Ironman Boulder. It is not easy to juggle training, with work and my kids in extracurricular activities. I don’t want to miss their baseball games, soccer games, or track meets. My struggle is what do I do? Do I sacrifice my training to make a game? When I do, does this tell my kids it is okay to not give something 100% of your effort? When I do not go does this tell them I do not care about them enough to go to their games?

These are difficult choices for me. I battle with them every weekend. The lessons I learn is I have to talk with my kids and family and let them know I do care about them, I love them, and I cannot make the game this weekend. I have to care about myself at times too without being selfish. It is a balance. I have to be open about my feelings even though I am not good at showing them.

So remember - our struggles, they are not struggles. They are life lessons from GOD to make you the person he wants you to be. If you go with that mindset, you will be the person you should be.

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