• Jason Bankston


I have been thinking on this blog for a while now. I have known what the title is for the past 2 weeks, but have not been able to really come up with the words I want to say. I apologize for the long lag time between blogs and will work better to get them out consistently to feed your mind with flowers so it does not become cluttered with the weeds. The reason I started this was to add value to others and I feel I have let everyone down with the time between blogs.

It is spring, and we all know what we do in spring! Weed the garden, cultivate the soil, and plant flowers! I do not know about you, but our garden at home has been inundated with weeds for the inattention to it during the cold winter months.

This is how our mindset will get if we allow it. Each day, we are given flowers and weeds. We can choose to water the flowers and pull the weeds. Most of the time we tend to the weeds because that is what social media and the people we surround ourselves with do. Do not get sucked in. Surround yourself with others who are pulling the weeds. Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds which can grow flowers or weeds. If left unattended the weeds will overtake the flowers. What you water your mind with will determine what will grow. We do not necessarily need to think every weed is a negative. They are part of our life and what allows us to learn. The part we do not always seem to do is acknowledge them, focus on how to correct them, and then actually do something about it.

'We must be careful we do not water our flowers with fear and worry. This will produce the weeds that choke the life from your dreams.'--Lao Tzu.

I was running on the levee this past weekend and you would not believe all the weeds that looked like flowers. It was beautiful. You may be thinking sometimes it can be difficult to tell the difference between a flower and a weed. To tell the difference, you must have a set of principles to guide you in doing the right thing, even when something looks good. Being a person of character will always allow you to choose the difference between a flower and a weed. Being a person of emotions will allow the weeds to take control. I am not saying a person of character cannot have emotions. Character is what identifies the flower from the weed. Emotions do not want to acknowledge the difference.

Today, when you are around your colleagues and family, look for the flower in them. Water it with love and appreciation and it will choke out the weed. Do this over and over again and you will produce a garden full of beautiful flowers to admire and enjoy daily. Ask yourself, Am I a Flower or a Weed? Do I produce Flowers in others or Weeds? Me, I am a Groot!




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