• Jason Bankston


Back on pace again! I wanted to talk about being consistent because that is what keeps us moving forward. And that is what I am trying to do with my blog writing! Consistent is defined as being marked by harmony, regularity, or steady continuity: free from variation or contradiction. For leadership it is showing steady conformity to character, profession, belief, or principles.

Last weekend, Mother's Day weekend, I did the Half Ironman Gulf Coast 70.3 in Panama City. My whole family was with me. It was the first time my kids got to see me do an Ironman race. The race was a training event for my build up to my real goal of doing Ironman Boulder on June 10. I am bringing this up because for the race I just wanted to be consistent. I wanted to maintain a steady pace throughout the race. I knew if I could do this I would be able to set a personal record because I would not fizzle out at the end. The result was a personal record of 5:27 and 33rd in my age group. Best result ever.

I point out this example, because it's the little things---done consistently---that make the big difference. Things did not turn right side up overnight. It was a consistent application to my training plan. I have been working at this for almost 3 years now. I am not sure I have gotten any faster than I was when I started this journey 3 years ago. What I have gotten better at is being consistent with training, nutrition, and adjustments to the plan.

This is an endurance race. It is the same in our leadership. The little things done consistently make for a higher level of trust and better results. The great leaders consistently do the small but most important things first. Whatever it is you are trying to achieve make sure to have a plan and then consistently apply it each day. If you are not working each day to improve, then you will not improve. Success is not always about greatness. It is about being consistent each day to be better. Success does not happen overnight. It took me 10 years to reach my marathon goal and I am on 3 years for the Ironman goal. Greatness will come by doing the little things consistently. Just like my race, success is the sum of small efforts each day. "We are what we consistently do. Excellence is therefore, not an act but a habit."-Aristole




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