• Jason Bankston

Ready or Not!

My most recent journey is coming to an end. Ironman Boulder is next Sunday, June 10th. I have been preparing for this going on 4 months now. I am either Ready or Not!

Over this time, I have logged 124,545 yards of swimming (31 miles), 1,198 miles of biking, and 327.5 miles of running. This is many hours a week (14-16 hours+) in addition to all the normal everyday requirements such as a job, kids' extracurricular activities, and personal ventures to boot. I realized the other day I work out every 12 hours.

The point is, I have done a lot of preparation to get to the starting line of this race. All of the miles, yards, hours, and aches have prepared me to seize the opportunity that will lay in front of me on June 10th.

What are you doing to prepare to seize your opportunity? Aren't you expecting to climb the ladder, reach the top of the mountain? Do you think you will just get there without putting in the hours of learning and working and preparation?

Ready or Not your opportunity will come. You have to be prepared and be preparing everyday. The opportunity will not wait for you. You have to be ready when the start line arrives otherwise you will never see the finish line. Success is when opportunity meets preparation.

This is what I am hoping for. My success on race day is not guaranteed. To be truthful, I am nervous as hell. I have to ride my bike up and down mountains and I will be 5,200 feet above sea level. There was not much preparation for that but I did all I could with the resources I have. Humidity and Heat! Hell yeah! Who would have thought this would benefit anyone. Well apparently, it is a great way to train for altitude when you do not have any. The other is taking an iron pill daily. This helps produce more red blood cells that can carry oxygen to my muscles. I will need all the oxygen I can get since in higher altitudes there is less.

Ready or Not! the opportunity will be here. We have to seize the moment and be prepared when it arrives. If we wait until it gets here to prepare it will pass us by. By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail. Are you Ready or Not? I'm Ready!




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