• Jason Bankston

The Big Picture Should Keep Getting Bigger

This is a continuation of my series Off Season. Here are the links to my other stories if you missed them:

My big picture is to do 12 Ironman's and make it to KONA, The World Championships of Ironman's. Read 'The Chase.' This is my story and goal with Ironman's.

What is your big picture and how will you get there? To get to the big picture we have to start small. Too many people hesitate in the beginning because they cannot comprehend the entire journey. I have a dream as I am sure you have a dream. What is the daily thing that is getting you closer to that dream tomorrow? My daily thing is training each day, which prepares me for each Ironman I need to complete.

Why Think Big but Start Small

  1. It encourages you to get started. Hard work is an accumulation of all the small steps you did not do but should have. For example, if I just showed up to an Ironman without training each day it would be harder than if I train each day up until the Ironman. Nothing happens with overnight success. No matter what social media tells you.

  2. Allows you to prioritize and concentrate. If you cannot do 140.6 miles, just start with one step. When I started out running many years ago, I started by running around my block and working my way up to a 5K race. As you can see, 20 plus years later I am now doing 140.6 mile races. It all started by running around the block one step at a time.

  3. It provides the necessary step for the next step. You cannot reach the big picture by not taking the necessary small steps to get there. I cannot reach KONA unless I do 12 Ironman's. I cannot do 12 Ironman's unless I sign up for them, train for them, show up for them, and complete them! What you are going to be tomorrow you are becoming today.

  4. Start with the end in view. "I will get ready and perhaps my chance will come," Abraham Lincoln. Having an end in view will give you energy and direction. Let passion pull you forward and the planning will give you direction.

  5. Start now. A year from now you will wish you started now. I say this all the time. I wish I started doing this when I was younger. I wish I knew then what I know now. We tend to over exaggerate yesterday, over estimate tomorrow, and under estimate today. Today Matters!

You may be wondering how does this apply to me? What does this have to do with the Big Picture getting bigger? Well, these very principles can be applied to anything. You can apply it to starting a new job, a new business, a new family, your life, it does not matter. The greatest barrier to personal success is procrastination. What is your BIG PICTURE? Then think small! As you start on your journey of the Big Picture it will get bigger. You will learn more things, want to do more things, dream more things! Start Early, Start Now, Because Today Matters! You cannot win if you do not begin.

Thinking Big helps us to accomplish the smalls things along the way. We may not ever reach the Big Picture that keeps getting bigger but we would never have accomplished the smalls things without having a Big Picture. For example, do you want to be the person in charge? Well you have to start a job at the company you wish to work at. Before that you have to graduate high school and maybe college. Do you want to get married? Well you have to go on a date! Do you want to have children? Well you have to, well, go on another date!! Are you getting the BIG PICTURE? It is a bunch of small steps we started yesterday, continued today, and will accomplish tomorrow!




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