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Do you remember when your parents would say "I don't want to hear it!" This was their response to our reasons why we did not complete our chores, our homework, study for a test, or just simply not being nice to our siblings. Our response was "But MOM!" (For some reason Dad, was never thrown in there.) Is this not the same thing we face today with our own kids or co-workers? Isn't this the same thing we do ourselves every day of our lives? Excuses are the quicksand in the land of the living. They are the exit off the highway to success. Failures will lead you to success as mentioned in my previous blog Failure--The Land of Opportunity. Every day, in my job, I hear reasons why something cannot be done or why something has not been done. I hear, "I don't have enough time," "I cannot do that," "They cannot do that because they are lazy," "It's too hard," you say it, I have heard it. For years, I have made excuses on why not to start a blog. It was, I don't have time, what would people think, I don't know what to say or how to say it, I am not a writer. Finally, I reviewed my excuses and said why don't I have time, what would people think, I have plenty to say. Just do this. This is something I wanted to do and I hope it adds value to others. Even if it is one person, even if that person is just me. This blog once a week makes me a better person because it is something I enjoy. It allows me to share with others things I believe will make them better as well. What have I learned by removing excuses: 1. I am capable of anything (I have run multiple marathons and I am training for an Ironman), 2. Excuses were the landmines that prevented me from growing (I read every day, listen to audiobooks, and podcasts), 3. People do value what I say, (I hope to take this and write a book). Shelve your excuses and be a person that strives for excellence. Start saying, "Why not?", "How can I make this happen", "What is preventing me from getting this done?" Excuses are just holding us back from being the person we want to be. Sometimes things are difficult to get done but with determination and a mentality of "Why Not?" you will get it done. You are better to FAIL than to not have tried at all. NO EXCUSES!

If you need additional motivation please take time to listen to a podcast or read a book. Podcast: The Tim Ferris Show Episode #251: How to Live Without Limits--Kyle Maynard (https://www.stitcher.com/…/…/the-tim-ferriss-show/e/50723631)

Book: No Excuses by Kyle Maynard.

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