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Live Today Courageously to Meet Tomorrow's Challenges

This is the last part of my Off-Season series. You can read the other's by clicking on the links below:


Live in today but think about tomorrow. What does this mean exactly? How can I live today but think about tomorrow. Today is a gift and tomorrow is a dream. What this means is by doing our very best today and living in the moment it will progress us into tomorrow's dream.

For example, I am working to get under 12 hours in my Ironman. To do this requires many changes in my training and lifestyle. Two things I am working to improve on is my diet and strength. In order to reach this goal I must focus on my diet and strength workouts today. Doing this each day will help get me closer to my goal tomorrow. Thinking about tomorrow helps me live for today. What are you thinking about tomorrow to help you live better today?

Move forward courageously in the-midst of uncertainty. We are created for something bigger than us. I truly believe this. I pray every day for God to give me the strength and courage to live the life he has planned for me. I have no idea what it is but I have faith he will guide me to do the things I need to and live my purpose in life. Everyday, we each face fears. Making decisions and not being sure what the outcome will be can be stressful. This is when we need to be courageous. Make the decision to do the right thing, not the easiest thing. Adapt, learn, improve, keep moving forward. Whatever your uncertainty, be courageous and move forward.

Lastly, realize today's best will not meet tomorrow's challenges. Everyone can improve. The best today can get better tomorrow. You see this happening every day. Some examples are Wal-mart being bested by Amazon, Chick-fil-a becoming better than McDonald's. Granted these are 2 examples on a very large scale but it proves the point.

Ten years ago, I was running 11 minute miles in a 5K. Today I'm doing Ironman's and running half-marathons in a 7:35/mile. I have not only gotten better but I am also getting older. I realize at some point I will reach my max potential by my own physical standards. That does not mean I should stop. I can use my knowledge and share and teach others so they can meet tomorrow's challenges.

This blog is my way of sharing and reaching others. I hope just as I have gotten better physically that my blog will grow and help others. If what you are doing today is not getting you closer to your dream, stop doing it. Be courageous today so you can accomplish your dreams tomorrow. Living in this way will bring you closer to the dreams you wish for everyday.

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